A little of everything!

About as intense (and fun) as it gets.

Durham Shredders is excited to offer a fall program to extend the riding season! We have put together an exciting Cyclocross focused program for Learn to Race, and XC Dev Shredders.

What Is Cyclocross?

More like... what isn't it.

Cyclocross is a super fun focused fall race series, that involves multiple laps on a short course featuring obstacles, hills, grass, sand, wooded trails that require the rider to quickly dismount, carry or push the bike over or around obstacles and remount. This is a great program to extend the season for current racers, hone technical skills and try something new!

Experience Needed?

Yes and no.

Rides must have completed a Shredders Race or XC program, but previous cyclocross experience is not required.

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried it, our coaches will have you shredding the CX courses in no time! Good news is Mountain Bikes are totally fine for this program. If you have a cyclocross bike, great! If not bring your Mountain bike!

Cyclocross Race Series

Take your skills to the podium!

Once again, the Durham Shredders are teaming up with Norco and Spinergy Cycling to put on the best CX Series in the city! For racing info, click the button below



* Pro-rating or rescheduling due to participant absence is unavailable. Due to the time of year and shorter days, there are no weather reschedule guarantees or refunds.

*Please note, prices do not include HST and Durham Shredders reserves the right to change and/or cancel programs.