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1What type of skill level does my child need to have?

Participants can comfortably ride on dirt trails, grass fields or gravel conditions can use hand breaks and can physically change/reach gear shifts.

2What type of bike does my child require?

Mountain Bike with functioning gear system, hand breaks (no coaster breaks - disc breaks recommended), kick stands removed.

3What other equipment does my child require?

Bike Helmet (CSA,CSPC, ASTM Approved, Water (mounted bottle or hydration back pack), Closed-Toed Shoes

Riding/Clear Glasses, Long Socks, Bike Gloves

4What if we are late to the ride?

All rides start promptly at the designated time. Due to the nature of riding in the forest, latecomers are unlikely to join their group. Please arrive at least 15 mins prior to the start of the ride.

5Do Shredders ride in inclement weather?

YES! We ride in the rain. Dress for the weather! Multiple days of rain/extreme duration rain can affect trail quality if we ride. Upon consultation with trail & conservation authorities, we will send a broadcast email the day of the ride to all Shredders should the trails be deemed closed. Pending the schedule availability and mother nature; Shredders will try our very best to reschedule the ride, however we cannot guarantee a reschedule.

6What about lightning & thunder during a ride?

Should a storm occur mid ride, all riders will return to the main meeting location for parent pick up.

7What about bike repairs, adjustments, tire air etc?

Please check your child's bike before EACH ride to ensure proper tire inflation, seat height, etc. We only have limited tools and volunteers day of rides.

8What about Poison Ivy?

Most forested areas in Durham region have an abundance of poison ivy. Stay on the trails & in parking lots to avoid contact. Long socks and or lightweight bike pants and biking gloves can help prevent contact. IF you may have come into contact with Poison Ivy, keep a bottle of DAWN dish soap in the shower and have your rider wash with it after the ride! Wash bike clothing separately & right after the ride.

9We will not be able to make all rides. Is a price adjustment available?

Our coach to participant ratio is very low to maximize your child's experience. Shredders pre-plans based upon registration & demand. As a Non-Profit youth club we offer the best rates for an awesome program, and usually have wait lists for most nights. Unfortunately we cannot provide pro-rates or discounts on our programs.

10My child loves MTB! Where can I purchase a new NORCO bike and accessories? How about a tune up?

Shredders is proud to partner with a Canadian Company like NORCO. We also support local Durham region dealers. Here is a list of retailers who can assist you with all your MTB sales and service:

  • Impala Bicycles
  • Cycle Life
  • Evolution Cycles
  • Spoke O'Motion
  • 11How do I register? How can I pay?

    Registration is easy, simply visit durhamshredders.com/programs. Online payments via our registration page & process is our accepted method of payment. Sorry no cheques or cash.


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