Frequently Asked Questions

1What are some suggested items that my child should have?
  • Spare Tube
  • Pump
  • Small Tool Kit incl. Patch Kit
  • Food (e.g. Bar, Gel, Raisins, etc.)
  • Personal 1st Aid Kit
  • Padded Bike Shorts
  • Wallet Sized Laminated ID w/ Health #’s, Allergy/Medication Info, Name/Address, etc.

* Your leader will have these items with them at all times but it’s a good practice to always bring these things with you when you go out riding.

2What should we to expect at MTB races?

These events are held on a circuit comprised of single and double-track trails, often with some gravel road sections for passing. Riders compete against each other according to their age and relative ability. Riders complete a set number of laps on the course. They may be individual or mass start events and, depending on the type of start, either the rider with the fastest time or the first rider across the finish line wins.

Registration: Participants register at the registration table prior to the race.

Race Pre-Ride: Participants typically take a pre-ride of the course in order to get acquainted with it, and to warm up their muscles.

Race Lineup: Participants will then gather at the start line, the commissaire will read through the list of kids, then they are released in groups according to age bracket.

Race Course and Length: Younger kids will generally race a short loop, while the older kids race a longer, more challenging course. Race courses generally wind through varying terrain and provide a mix of surface obstacles, hills and descents.

3What advice do you have for riders and their parents?
  • It’s about having FUN. Kids probably won’t enjoy it if they feel a ton of pressure.
  • Participation is key!
  • Prep and pack up the bikes, helmets, clothes, equipment, snacks, lawn chairs, sunscreen, bug spray water and everything else you’ll need THE NIGHT BEFORE! It will reduce the stress of race day, and make it a lot less likely that you’ll get the race without a helmet or race license.
4What are the titles for the competitive racing categories?
  • Squirt Girls – age 9-10 UCI CODE XWU13
  • Squirt Boys – age 9-10 UCI CODE XMU13
  • U13 Girls – age 11-12 UCI CODE XWU13
  • U13 Boys – age 11-12 UCI CODE XMU13
  • U15 Girls – age 13-14 UCI CODE XWU15
  • U15 Boys – age 13 -14 UCI CODE XMU15
  • U17 Sport Girls – age 15-18 UCI CODE XWU17
  • U17 Sport Boys – age 15 – 16 UCI CODE XMU17.S