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Our Coaches

Inspiration & training.

Certification Clinic

Join us & get certified for the upcoming season.

The Community Initiation coaching course that is being offered is for coaches who will work primarily with novice, pre-competitive cyclists at the community level and those in the Early learn to Train stages of athlete development.

The Community Initiation course has two parts- The "Let's Ride" Workshop (5 hours) is an in class workshop that provides information on ethical coaching, participants and their needs, basic practice planning, equipment and the Long Term athlete development model. The second part- Basic Cycling Skills workshop (8 hrs.) takes place on the trails and provides practice in skill teaching, analysis, practice coaching and use of provided lesson plans. Upon completion, coaches will have a "Trained" status in NCCP.


Learn from the best.

Instruction for just about every skill level.

We've brought together the best coaches in the province with decades of experience and a host of provincial & national championships between them! The greatest way to have your young riders become the best is to hit the trails with the best.


Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes is a Level 1 MTB coach that has been racing for 23 years! He holds multiple provincial and national championships in MTB and CX but has also branched out to road racing over the years. John coached THT for two years and is an expert in Durham Forest, having ridden and trained there for over two decades.

Eric Orschel

Eric (a.k.a. iceman ) has been involved in the sport of mountain biking for over 25 years as an elite racer in the 1990’s, race event organizer, and level 2 certified coach. He is a physical education and outdoor ed instructor at Dunbarton High School in Pickering, coaching XC running and mountain biking. Eric has been honoured to have coached three athletes that have represented Canada as juniors at the World Mountain Bike Championships over the last 8 years. Eric organizes the Durham School MTB race series and is the main driver behind developing mountain biking as an OFSAA sport. He still competes as a Master Expert racer and this year claimed a Bronze medal at National MTB Championships in Quebec.

Sean Ruppel

Sean has over 25 years experience in Mountain Biking. He has been running Bike events in Ontario since 1994, for both Chico Racing, and his company, Superfly Racing.

Sue Haviland

Sue been racing bikes for over 20 years, competing provincially, nationally and internationally. She's also worked within the cycling community, having completed the Community Initiation coaching course, coaching the Durham Shredders for two years (with two little Shredders of her own). Sue is a member of the Ontario Cycling Association High Performance Committee.

Liam Mulcahy

What originally got Liam on his Mountain bike was his dad and brother. At a young age they would go out as a family and ride together at Durham forest for some fun and summer activity. From there he transitioned to racing at a local Thursday night weekly series races, as well as Ontario Cups. Fast forward to now where he competes at an international level in a sport that he fell in love with all those years ago, and still enjoys to this day! He's the first one to say it's is an amazing sport for families and keeps you fit for life!

Adam Morka

Adam began coaching out of necessity in 2009 when he started working with Emily Batty writing her training plans the same year she stepped onto the World Cup race scene. Since then, Adam has become a certified level 3 NCCP coach, coached Emily through two Olympics and two bronze medals at World Championships as well as winning the Petro Canada Coaching Excellence award in 2016. In working with Emily over the years, he has had the honor of working with Olympians from other countries and coaching master athletes to multiple World Championship events. Adam's current focus is working with Canada's up and coming generation and ensuring he shares his athlete and coaching experience with them to fast track their trajectory in the sport and provide them with all the tools and knowledge to achieve their highest goals.

Dave Barton

Dave is a life-long Uxbridge resident and has been Mountain Biking for over 15 years. He completed 5 out of 6 Crank the Shield MTB events, and is a regular in Durham Forest and other areas. Also a counsellor in Uxbridge, Dave fights for our trail systems and will be a phenomenal asset as a part-time coach concentrating on younger riders.

Malcolm Barton

Malc (a.k.a Bartoe) has been racing side by side with Tyler Orschel since he was a peewee. Malc has also been a member of Team Ontario over the last 3 years participating in projects to California, South Carolina, and Quebec. Over the last three years Malcolm has developed into an all-around technical singletrack rider, whose no fear skills have lead to many top three podiums on the Ontario Cup Circuit. As a Junior Racer in 2015 he captured a bronze medal at both Provincial championships and National MTB Marathon Championships. Malc is also excited to pass on his single-track savvy to the young shredders as he applies his newly acquired coaching skills for 2017.

Greg Jess

Greg is very excited to help with the Durham Shredders. An avid cyclist since his formative teen years, Greg now races in expert on the Maverix/Progressive team and is a huge advocate of living life outdoors.

Tyler Orschel

Tyler (a.k.a icicle) came into the sport naturally after participating in his first Uxbridge Icebreaker kid’s race at 5 years of age. Ty began racing as a peewee and progressively developed into a Canada Cup racer twice winning a Silver medal at the Canadian MTB Championships as a Cadet cyclist. Over the last three years he has been a consistent performer with the Ontario Team, travelling to South Carolina and California for endurance training and racing in Quebec, California. Colorado and Ontario. He finished the 2016 year ranked in the top five as a Junior-aged racer and placed 5th at National Championships. His greatest strength as an mtb rider is his smooth technical rock riding which will serve him well as he looks to contribute his skills as a newly certified intro coach for 2017.

Alana Ruppel

Alana has been Mountain Biking for over 5 years and has raced for over 3 years at the expert level. Her company, Outdoor Health, encourages healthy activity in the outdoors geared towards Women and Seniors. She also cycled across Canada, from coast to coast, in 2011!

Lee Brotherson

Lee is an Uxbridge based chiropractor and level 1 MTB coach. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and sports performance, combined with a love of cycling, Lee strives to help his athletes, regardless of age or skill level, reach their goals. When he is not in the office he is most often found on the trails riding, or participating in races like the 2018 Crank the Shield MTB stage race in Sault Ste. Marie.

Jason Mantifel

Jason has been mountain biking for 5 years and truly has a passion for the sport and the community surrounding it. Jason participates with friends in various MTB races such as Epic 8 hour, 24 Summer Solstice, Paris to Ancaster. Jason is very excited to help with the Durham Shredders as it is one of many outdoor sports that he thoroughly enjoys.

Annie Nanowski

Annie started mountain biking in 2011, and has raced competitively over the past few years. She mainly competes in endurance races such as; Substance Projects gravel races, The Hell of the North, The BC Bike Race (put it on your bucket list), and this year she’s going to try to take on Crank the Shield. Annie is also Tottenham’s newest resident, so you’ll see her mainly riding Albion, Palgrave and Dufferin Forest. If you’re ever in that area, she is always looking for new friends to ride with!

Brad Bojda

Brad's love of the sport of cycling has evolved over time. He started out riding with friends, attempting to find any unmarked, often overgrown trail in Durham Region. Without the means to travel by car to trails, he and his friends had to be resourceful in building new trails and dirt jump tracks on small areas of conservation land. These days he's moved onto the programs at Durham Forest and surrounding trails, which are truly some of the best in Ontario. Brad can be found at racing events across the province, riding with friends and teaching riders of all ages. He loves passing onto aspiring athletes the camaraderie, fun, and a little hard work that got him to where he is within the sport today. "With some hard work and discipline you can go far in this sport and get a great deal in return. Keep it right side up!"

Bryan Dilts

Bryan has a passion for mountain biking — dodging trees, bouncing off of roots and giggling at small, furry animals. As a Learn to Ride Coach, Bryan teaches the fundamentals of trail riding and helps young riders (and parents alike) build courage and find enjoyment in this fantastic sport. As a founding member of the Shredder's Parent Posse, Bryan can often be found on the sidelines (and racing for the fun of it) at OCUP, Canada Cup and MTB events, cheering on his step-sons and bellowing encouragement at the entire Shredders team.

Dan Gaudenzi

A Level 1 mountain bike coach, Dan started riding mountain bikes in the early '90's as a cross-training program for his motocross racing. He slowly transferred his racing from horse-power to pedal-power and has competed in the Ontario Cup Provincial XC series for over 10 years, along with numerous 8 and 24 hour endurance events, while excelling on the more technical courses. A Port Perry native, who is a factory-trained service technician at Impala Bicycles, as well as a parent of two Shredders, Marcus (XC Race Team) and Amelia (first year Shredder!), Dan enjoys sharing his skills acquired from motocross as well as the certified program from Cycling Canada to both, young and old.


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